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Welcome to my news page.  I haven't been very active with my website, and I'm ready to change that.   I don't have much of a clue about writing blogs, and I don't know what you would like to know about, so you could really help me out here, by emailing me and telling me what you want to see on this page.


Back in the saddle again.  I went 2 years without making a bead, but starting in January I was up and running again.  I'm still not up to full speed, but definitely working on it.  The Good news is that I have two new series.  I love inspiration!  There doesn't seem to be any secret way to get it; it just shows up when it shows up.  I have learned to trust that it always will. 

So, back to the two new series.  "Phoenix" is a simpler design using base colors that are opaque but reactive in some way, so they provide a dynamic background.  I started with Sedona and EDP, which are both tricky to use, but which can be coaxed into some breathtaking effects.  Then I moved on to some of the silver reactive colors.  I'm totally smitten by this series.

And here is "Tie Dye Paisley,"  It's by far the most complex and time consuming design I've ever come up with.  Very fun.

Both of these series are now in the gallery

I did an art show in Oklahoma and took a third place ribbon in the 3D category.  Whoo Hoo!  Not bad considering I was competing against ceramics, wood, sculpture, metal, as well as all other glass, including other beads.  I was the only glass artist of any kind to win an award.

Last May I was invited to be a participating artist in the Pismo invitational Bead Exhibit in Denver.  Pismo is a high end glass gallery that carries such artists as Dale Chihuly, Josh Simpson, and Robert Mickelsen.  Kristen Franzen Orr, Elizabeth Johnson, and Pati Walton were among the artists represented in the exhibit.  I have just been invited to participate again in this year's show.

Check out my shows and galleries page.

And here I am (in the center) with my three wonderful children and two beautiful grandchildren.

You'll notice I haven't changed this picture.


After five years in the Colorado high country, I am back in my hometown of Denver.  I miss the mountains, but there are compensations.  It's good being close to my family again, which means I get to see my kids and grandkids more often. 


I'm finally back on eBay with my pretties.  Check it out. Just click on the button to link to my auction page.


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